20,000 Pucks

20.000 pucks – Daily “aspirations” of a salesman,
by Matteo Bellizzi

Davide sells vacuum cleaners door to door. He follows one simple rule: every name on a buzzer is a potential customer. He knows that it only takes some kindness to ring a bell and some luck to get in but to really reach the goal only experience does the trick. And he has 17-year experience. Davide is one of the best salesmen in Italy, the only one who was able to sell 2,068 vacuum cleaners in one year and who was the salesman of the year for three years in a row. His secret? Having understood that behind every NO hides a YES.

With: Davide Simeoni

Music: E.Ryan Goodman: Sun City Flats

Sound design: Dario Forlani

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