Bernie Sanders On Trade Agreements

Free trade is neither the job killer nor the wage eraser that many have represented. Since the benefits of trade are diffuse and day-to-day, while the disadvantages of free trade are concentrated (and often politicized), it is easy to ignore the fact that the former is greater than the latter. The United States currently has a trade deficit of $114 billion. Economists tell us that $1 billion in investment represents about 18,000 (often well-paid) jobs. Connect the dots. Our current trade deficit results in the loss of more than 2 million jobs. Over the past 20 years, as the United States has faced more than a trillion dollars in trade deficits, millions of American workers have been thrown onto the roads. U.S. jobs should no longer be our export number. Not only must we defeat the TPP, but we must fundamentally renegotiate our failed trade agreements, including NAFTA, the NRNP with China and other existing trade pacts. The study says it would increase U.S. GDP by $68.2 billion and create 176,000 jobs. Many of these benefits will come from new provisions setting rules for digital commerce that did not exist at the time of the original agreement.

Progressive Democrats should design trade policies that promote free trade while creating a stronger and more compassionate safety net – a government policy that taxes and redistributes the benefits of trade, so that all Americans can benefit from free trade, should be as central to the political agenda of progressives as a progressive income tax and universal health care. On the other hand, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is almost as critical of trade deals as Sanders. Sanders: I voted against NAFTA, I voted against the PNC with China, agreements that cost four million jobs worth paying for. I do not agree that he is a great job creator. This is a modest improvement that would allow Mexican workers to negotiate decent contracts. But it won`t stop camping. It will not prevent companies from moving to Mexico. We need a trade policy that defends workers, defends farmers, and the word “climate change” is not discussed, which is an outrage.

I will not vote in favour of this agreement. Sanders, however, is the gothest in his promise to “reverse” existing trade agreements, and his record is perhaps the most evident when it comes to underscore that commitment. “Since 2001, nearly 60,000 production sites have been closed in this country and we have lost more than 4.7 million paid manufacturing jobs. Nafta has resulted in the loss of nearly 700,000 jobs. PNTR with China resulted in the loss of 2.7 million jobs. Our trade agreement with South Korea has resulted in the loss of about 75,000 jobs. Bad trade agreements are not the only reason why U.S. manufacturing jobs have declined, but they are an important factor.

U.S. laws against unfair trade are an essential basis for our economic policy and economic prosperity. Faced with this opportunity, American workers can outperform anyone. But given China`s constant orientation towards our production base, we must enforce our laws. The current attitude of progressives ignores the enormous benefits of free trade; Before the 2020 elections, it is essential, both for the electoral capacity of progressives and for the well-being of Americans, that they do not use free trade as a scapegoat. But on the two nights of the second democratic debate, free trade was condemned. Warren said trade agreements “have become a way for giant multinationals to change the regulatory environment so they can suck up more profits for themselves and leave the American people behind.” Gabbard proposed that free trade agreements “donate to the sovereignty of the American people and our country.” “No one I know thinks we should put a wall around this country.