What you find here is a selection of the finest documentaries produced by the network’s authors, in their original language. As of now you will only find Italian productions as Italy was the pioneering website.

Some are international documentaries and some are African documentaries (documentaries produced during our training course in Nairobi, Kenya and in Dakar, Senegal in 2013-2014). Browse freely, have fun, be inspired and share our stories of happyness, work, school, jail, love, struggle, dreams, women, parents&children with your friends & family. More stories are coming soon and if you want to hear great stories in your language join the network here.

Use the headphones for a stellar listening experience!

You can also find our docs (actually in audio!!)  on iTunes (only in Italian for now, sorry) or on Italian Public Radio, at public screenings and live events, in schools…
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