Ethnic violence in the Tana River Region


I am telling a story about land being a factor of production and how if not used properly can lead to mass destruction and killings. I chose Tana River county in the Nothern part of Kenyan coast because its among the top counties in the coast region where most of the land is unadjudicated (meaning that no one can claim it and therefore everyone claims it).

In the middle of 2012 more than 150 people lost their lives in intertribal clashes in the Tana River region but the cause has not yet been established to date, many questions were raised about what really was the main cause, the government formed a task force to investigate and up to date the report has not yet been gazetted.

I went and came up with an investigative story through the help of the local indigenous people and highlighted through my story how land was and is a factor to the killings.

With this documentary I am advocating for peace and policy makers to come on board and find a long-term land solution.