Fukushima, 2 Years On

Fukushima, 2 Years On

By Jessie Boylan


A documentary written and narrated by Dave Sweeney and produced by Jessie Boylan, compiled of recordings and interviews that Dave collected on his visit to the region in August 2012. To give an insight into life in Fukushima today and to highlight the ongoing human and environmental impacts from this nuclear disaster, we hear from a range of local and international voices who are trying to offer support, and to pick up the pieces of the worst nuclear disaster since the 1986 Chernobyl meltdown.

Produced by: Jessie Boylan

Copyright: 3CR Community Radio

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MusicCopyright: Ryuichi Sakamoto – copyright gained from his label for the original publishing of this documentary

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  1. Josh Smith October 29, 2012 Right on man. I love you and I∈m so proud that God has given you the insight to recognize Mary for the gift that she is. PS. Allie and I love Haddie and Max. What an amazing show.

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