1. At the origins of our work is the art of listening: in this hyper-visual society that wants to see everything we go back to sounds to recover what’s essential.
  2. We know the impact of oral storytelling and we want to rediscover it:  we look for people’s voices, vehicle of stories and emotions, the essence of communication, roots of every story.
  3. Any story can be told “from the point of view of sound”.
  4. Our mics tell real stories and often go where a videocamera couldn’t: our mics record in the dark, are discrete and noninvasive and respect privacy
  5. We love sounds in all shapes and forms. A noise can become a symphony and a sound can tell more than a thousand words.
  6. Audio must be clean, high quality, deep and dynamic.
  7. We make audio memories: people have pictures of every moment of their lives but they never document the sounds around them.
  8. Reality-based storytelling in audio leaves plenty of room to imagination: it is a genre where cinema and literature meet.
  9. Docusound doesn’t deny images: being attentive listeners helps return to images with a deeper awareness and perceptive sensitivity.
  10. Docusound includes the visually impaired:  millions of people who are cut out of the visual communication circuits.