Your docs on DOCUSOUND!

Do you have any production lying in a drawer? Something you have done that was never distributed or never got much coverage? Something old and yet still really good? Something with free non-commercial, non-exclusive rights available?

Here’s the deal: we offer you to publish your production for free, it will be available on our INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARIES  for  streaming or downloading, depending on what you decide. We don’t retain any rights, we only work as an amplifier for your work; you tell us what the audience can do with it and for any other use that’s not clearly stated by you we’ll send people your way to clear that up directly.

Your documentary will have its own page and will be archived by keyword and author, with a link to your own blog or webpage or the ones of the outlet it was originally produced for (radio or publishing house, client or and NGO. Whatever)

More and more people visit our website in Europe, Africa and the U.S. and we thought it would be great to reach out to authors, directors and producers who want to share their work, resources and good practices. Our goal is building an International Network and we are getting serious about it.

As we said before we are not making any money out of your work, but if you’re selling it you can send us a trailer to publish and we can send our audience your way via a link on our website.

The material must be in English, French or Italian. Sorry other languages, our team is to small to handle more…by the way, any volunteer wants to join in?

No editorial line, only a few simple rules: material must be reality-based (that’s KEY), it must be a creative production (no news or news-style) and reflect the author’s point of view, technical quality must meet our standards and last but not least any piece longer than 15 min. must be broken down into smaller episodes.

If you read until here and you think this is a cool idea shoot us an email at with a short presentation of yourself and your piece (title, 5-lines synopsis, running time, date of release and available rights) and a link for our team to listen to it. We’ll get back to you ASAP, promise.