Terrains of Life story is about a man who grew up in a poverty stricken family; he encountered some tragedies which changed his physical state completely and for that reason he had to work extra hard to make his dream come true. He is a teacher by profession but on top of that he manages a group which he helps to fight poverty by producing agricultural products: the group mainly uses green houses to facilitate the production hence creating jobs for members of the society.

Levy is the youngest of the DOCUSOUND team in Nairobi. He loves stories, he has plenty hidden in his notebooks. Levy went to college but DOCUSOUND for him is a big chance at changing lives with his advocacy work for the disabled and the poor. Levy is very concerned with members of society left on the margins and being trained at radio for him means that more and more stories will be brought to the audience’s attention.

Click here to listen to Levy’s documentary.

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