Trainees’ comments

Here you can find comments from our trainees!

Mercy Alomba, Student~ Thanks for your efforts in ensuring we become the voice of the voiceless in this area, by equipping us with the necessary knowledge to tell about the opportunities, challenges and hopes that the various characters each one of us chose can have on the T.A.
For me, I thank the organizers for giving me the chance to share about discordant people. They are all over the world, I never thought of doing stories about them, as in most cases, it is thought to be abnormal. Having been awarded the opportunity, and learnt how I can best produce a documentary, plus the availability of facilities especially electronics, why not sit down and work on it. With the funding, I am going to produce the documentary and ensure I supply it to various channels so as to reach a larger audience than I had initially planned.
The training team has been a blessing and understanding and so, the best us students can ever do is produce our best, so that the organizers can have every reason to help others produce other documentaries. We are a stepping stone and failure to produce will portray a negative picture of the efforts that have been put into sacrifice. I personally do intend to produce more documentaries and even teach others whatever I’ve learnt. (Mercy Alomba, trainee)

Jonathan Mbugua Njoroge, Student~ From just a mere hobby, Docusound has made radio documentary journalism a reality for me. It was an honor being chosen for the Docusound training. I feel it’s been a journey into a relatively new field of journalism and from the first workshop it’s been an ever exciting learning experience. My Docusound project (A Race to Green Energy) has become more than a project but a passionate story I would love to tell Kenya and the world at large. My expectation at the beginning was to just learn how to make an audio documentary, well! Docusound has given me the perfect foundation to which I can tell a moving, emotional, a call- for-action and passionate Radiodoc. Docusound has brightened my life with one more capability and inspiration of becoming a freelance Radiodoc journalist and I planned to do exactly that. This opportunity granted and skills impacted are a complete career package. Docusound has inspired me to becoming and environmental freelance journalist. Thanks to Docusound, European Union and the program partners. (Jonathan Njoroge, trainee)

James Kibaki, Student~ Being a person with albinism and being selected to be a trainee in the 2013-2014 Docusound media literacy program has been an exciting period in my life. I have a passion to tell the stories of persons with disabilities and marginalized in the society but didn’t have the platform, for sure at least Mary’s story shall be shared through the Docusound network. Through the training am more confident, on how to structure a story flow and proper writing of proposal. (James Kibaki, trainee)

Harrison Mbungu, Student~ Let me first of all start by thanking Docusound alongside KUB for giving us a chance to be among the few chosen to participate in the production of documentaries, it’s an opportunity that will empower most of us especially the ones like me who are journalists. Docusound has really empowered me not only through training but also through broadening my experience as a journalist. This training I acquired will help me exercise the same in my daily activities as a journalist. I am hoping to acquire more and more experience as we approach the final stages of our projects. (Harrison Mbungu, trainee)

Faith Wafula, Student~ My experience with Docusound has been amazing. I have always had a passion for women and women’s empowerment. I believe everyone has a story and through Docusound, I can now give vulnerable women a chance for their voice to be heard. I have met great people and learnt to interact with persons with disabilities, every day is a lesson. A lesson in teamwork, patience, resilience and hope. Thank you Docusound for enabling me to give a voice to others. A true depiction of the ripple effect of empowerment. (Faith Wafula, trainee)

Collins Shahonya Lwangu, Student~ I can vividly flashback the day I saw that advert on one of our local dailies; A call for proposal…My prayers had been answered! As a trained journalist I had always thought of being a renowned story teller and for sure I wrote a paper that would see to it me reaching my full potential. A famous author said “The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential…these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.”
Docusound has come at the right moment where everyone needs to learn and realize education in diversity is real. For the past six months, I have learnt a lot and added knowledge to what I already knew, how to write a proposal for a story was my first task, the production phase; how to write a proposal for funding, the editing and most importantly pitching your ideas to “strangers” whom you have never met or seen anywhere. It was the best part of the program so far and it has accorded me a new strength of reaching to people and getting things done the way I want them done. We need to “Believe in ourselves! Have faith in our abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers we can not be successful or happy.” I believe and see my expectations being fully realized!
I wanted “someone” to introduce me to the world of documentaries, and with the Docusound Network, our great collaborators/partners and funders I know I am a step ahead as a journalist. I can foresee myself a successful Radio author and Producer come journalist. I want to produce more stories especially from the Maasai region and be part of the change in this community! I want to cherish my visions and dreams as they are the children of my soul; the blueprints of my ultimate achievements. I will put in more efforts so that we Docusounders can realize our goal during the training which is “to build a young generation of journalists and media persons who are capable of critiquing the status quo meanwhile offering new perspectives.” (Collins Shahonya, trainee)

Edna Manga, Student~ God bless you the European Union group, God send Fab and her team in my life to come and chage my life history final, they have done so thanks a lot. In our first workshop it was hard for me to catch up but in our second workshop I was more confident, now I can write or make a nice story I can do recording, editing and much more. When I was young I wished to be a jounalist but I was unable to finish my education because my parents passed away but through Docusound I’m seeing my dreams come true. Living as a person with albinism I’m getting many challenges in relationships but for now I have no worries because I will share my story with the world and change many people’s mind. (Ednah Manga, trainee)