Never ever give up

Never ever give up – Voices of disabled children and their parents
by Stefania Claudio

These are voices of parents who talk about their children and of children who talk about themselves. These are every day stories and yet they are very special, because who talks does so through deep and authentic love and affection. With patience, confidence and a bit of stubbornness we can see possibilities and gifts in what a distract eye only sees as a black hole. These gifts are there, we just need to listen carefully. Roberta is 20-year old and has 3 things in life: down Syndrome, plenty of dreams and the courage to make them come true; she and her classmates are about to finish high school and are all frightened and excited about what’s coming next. Roberta is making plans for the future: she wants to work in a kindergarten. She’s looking for a job but mostly she’s looking for trust. First step: the employment center.

Sound design: Fabrizio Cecchinelli

Episode #1

Episode #2

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