In search of a surname

Two brothers decide to look for their biological fathers so as to get surnames for their sons, as Kenyan tradition requires. With their mother deceased, they have very limited options at hand. Will they ever succeed?

This is a real life story about my brother and I, and our endeavor to find our biological father(s) in an effort to establish our true identity so as to acquire surnames for our children; this way we will save them from social stigmatization such as the one we went through while growing up, having been brought up by a single mother. Constant nagging by my two children wanting to know more about their grandfather has been my main motivation, and my brothe’s, whose expectant wife is due very soon and desires to pass on his father’s name to his first born son as custom and culture dictates. My brother is determined to establish the truth so as to evade situations such as those I’m going through from my inquisitive teen age children later in life. Our stories are similar but they have very different endings.

Single parenthood is rampant today with men and women abdicating their roles and not caring much about the children’s opinion in regard to the nature of families they would like to be brought up in. This documentary will serve as an eye opener to the society on the plight of children and their wishes to be brought up in complete families.