Squirrel Stories


Squirrel Stories

by Jamie Courville

in English

Squirrel Stories is a project by filmmaker and storyteller Jamie Courville, from Brooklyn, NY.
Talking about cancer is always troubling, whether you are sick with it or not.
Sharing the burden by openly talking about the illness can help both the sick and the people around them face uncertainty and fear; and regardless of how directly we are involved with cancer the Squirrel Stories will help all of us understand of a very nuanced reality of emotion-storms, love, fear, courage, friendship, family, loneliness. In a word: life.

Here’s how Jamie describes her project:

“I have started a new project to put a face on a disease that has impacted all of our lives. A linguist told me Squirrels is the hardest word in the English language to say. I am producing a collection of stories about things that are difficult to talk about called Squirrels Stories. The first group will be audio portraits in the first person people talking about living with cancer. I want to create an online community where everyone can hear the strengths and hardships of individuals facing this disease”. (Jamie Courville)

More information can be found here https://www.facebook.com/SquirrelsStories.

Here’s the temporary website: http://www.squirrelsstories.com/Hello.html


The caretaker

Learan is a widower who lost his wife to breast cancer a year ago. Now he is a single parent to two boys. This is part of a larger group of audio portraits called Squirrels Stories of people talking about living with cancer.


The transplant

Michael is a thirty year old artist living in Brooklyn and fighting Leukemia. At the moment, he is waiting for a stem cell transplant.

Not a statistic

Betsy has been out of the woods for over ten years after an extremely rare fallopian tube cancer. She was told not to be a statistic. Betsy has offered to talk to people about her experience. Please let me know if you would like to reach her.


100 Days


Michael is a thirty year old artist living in Brooklyn and fighting leukemia. This is a follow up piece to a portrait made before his stem cell transplant which you can listen to here Squirrels-stories – The-transplant. He has made it through the transplant and now has to stay well.

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