Street prayer

Street prayer  – A night with Lazarus’ friends – Volunteers Against Human Exploitation,
by Andrea Deaglio e Matteo Bellizzi

Many things can change in the history of a country but quite a few really change at night, on the streets in the outskirts of a big city. We bring you the sounds of a picture that TV has shown way too many times. In the world full of the noise of cars that stop by and dash away, slamming car doors, far off sirens and horns, what you don’t expect is to find yourself in the middle of a prayer. A group prayer said out loud, all the voices as one and clapping hands. It’s like a chant sung by “the blacks” (the “Nigerians”) and the volunteers of the association “Lazarus’s friends”; it’s a street prayer.

With: Paolo Botti and the volunteers of the association Lazarus’ friends

Sound design: Victor Hugo Fumagalli

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