The longest journey

The longest journey – Episodes # 5 of the radio show RADIO FERRANTE, produced at FERRANTE APORTI, a juvenile detention center in Turin, Italy
by Matteo Bellizzi

In this episode we talk about journeys. Some of the foreigner inmates were illiterate in their native language when they landed in jail just a few weeks ago and with the help of the teachers they wrote the story of the journey that took them to Italy.
They left Morocco, Senegal or Romania in the hope of a better chance at life. Radio Ferrante is a radio show made by the inmates of the Ferrante Aporti, a juvenile detention center in Turin, Italy. Behind the microphones we find the feelings and the contrasts of a jail but also a free zone of music, exchange and personal growth. Each episode gives us the chance to get to get to know the facility through the eyes of who lives in it; each episode is way to overcome the barriers between inside and outside, knowing that in real attention to others lies the real antidote to prejudice. Radio Ferrante is also a re-educational project carried out by DOCUSOUND ( with the educators and social workers of the detention center. Radio Ferrante was developed and produced with funding from UICI-Piemonte and Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo. The show was aired on Italian National Radio Circuit.

Episode #1

Episode #2

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