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DOCUSOUND is a socially inclusive crossmedia platform for production and distribution of creative audio-documentaries. DOCUSOUND is a project developed by COL’OR NGO in partnership with Kenya Union of the Blind and the Secretariat of the African Decade of Persons with Disabilities. It is an ACP-EU Support Programme to ACP Cultural Sectors implemented by the Secretariat of the ACP Group of States and funded by the European Union (Grant received € 379,373. KES 43,085,910.70 – CFA 248,542,629).

DOCUSOUND is a weapon of mass-awareness construction: we produce and distribute audiodocumentaries, we arun a media literacy program and we teach workshops : in a nutshell we foster the culture of oral storytelling in all shapes and forms and we advocate for all minorities to be involved in the production and exchange of culture and information. We are building a worldwide network, for now we have chapters in Kenya, Senegal and Italy.

Stories are our currency and just like currency their value lies in exchanging them. Our goal is a worldwide network where stories from all over the world are shared and can inspire the audience to participate. We know the impact of oral storytelling and we want to rediscover it: we look for people’s voices, vehicle of stories and emotions, the essence of communication, roots of every story.

DOCUSOUND is a media literacy project for Developing Countries: a 2-year hands-on training program to teach students how to professionally create, produce and distribute factual audio content; DOCUSOUND is also a professional training program in Europe. Our documentaries are made by professionals but also by the audience, as DOCUSOUND is focused also on audience involvement: anyone can pitch a story, blog or attend the DOCUSOUND LAB: a non-professional training course that teaches participants how to document their life with sound by using a microphone like a compact camera.

In 2013-2014 we are setting up DOCUSOUND in Kenya and Senegal with local partners. Learn more about setting up DOCUSOUND in your country.

Our docs are here but you can find them also on iTunes (only in Italian for now, sorry), on Italian Public Radio, at public screenings, in schools…

SUPPORT US to continue to train students and give them the opportunity to tell real stories with a disrupting potential, stories that have been kept out of the mainstream information.

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