White cast


This documentary is in Kiswahili, click HERE to download the translation.


“White cast”  is a radio documentary exposing some of the challenges, stigma and social injustices a person with albinism undergoes on a daily basis in Kenya and in most African countries.

Mary is a 47 year old widow, she has 4 children under her care and currently she works as a casual laborer as gate keeper/watch woman, despite her poor eyesight and many hours in the sun without sun-block lotion. Daily she encounters many challenges as some people abuse and threatens her because of her skin color and poor eyesight. When she reports to the police, they start making fun of her instead of helping her. Despite all these challenges Mary has to put bread on the table at the end of the day and pay rent at the end of the month.

Proper eye care i.e. proper diagnosis and prescription from an ophthalmologist and sun-block lotion could ease the difficulties Mary has to face on a daily basis. Mary’s challenges are faced by most persons with albinism and through this documentary I hope to change the negative attitude of the society towards persons with albinism and provoke the policy makers to be thoughtful of persons with albinism while planning and making laws and policies.